I’m Leon Grey

Sales Manager, Actor, Agriculture and Space Technology Advocate and Tea Entrepreneur.

Acting is my passion,
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With a keen interest in photography this hobby is fast becoming a new found passion, check out my photos.

Sales Manager

A humble sales manager by day, feel free to contact me for details on my experience as a sales manager.

Astro Photography

Getting closer to space!

Learning new skills opens doors to meeting new people and experiencing new things. I’ve had the opportunity to go out with other photographers and learn their techniques. I’m always keen to meet new people, so if you would like to join me for my next astroshoot session, reach out.

Fujifilm X-T20

Samyang 12mm F2

NISI Natural Night Filter

About Leon

Leon is a bighearted actor with a winning smile. He has a fierce desire and passion for his craft and is constantly striving to improve on his vibrant performances. He studies under local and international acting coaches and absorbs direction quickly.

Leon is the comic lead in web series ‘Flatmates” and “Blowflies and he is also the voice of “Spike” the tailless mouse of the series Spike n Harold (In production). Leon’s professional attitude and energetic personality makes him a delight to work with. He is always looking to improve his range and experience and realise his full potential.

Want to find out more or collaborate on a project, drop me a email!